Wayne Perry reveals how you can make your own water feature

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Alan returned for a new episode of Love Your Weekend at Manor Farm in Hampshire. He was joined by Dame Judi Dench, Kim Wilde and Jack Savoretti. Alan was also joined by TV carpenter Wayne Perrey who demonstrated how gardeners can construct a water feature.

Speaking to David Domoney on water features that can be bought, the gardening expert said: “The key to water features is the setting in which they are put because they can look a bit artificial and not as nice as they could look when they are planted up around with things that compliment them.”

Alan then explained how “easy” it can be for gardeners to “make their own” water features at home.

He said: “While there are water features you can buy, you can also easily make your own.”

Whether you’re planning an outdoor party or just keen to add an eye-catching piece to your garden, a water feature is the perfect do-in-a-day spring or summer project.

The best part is, there’s no digging or plumbing involved in this hack.

Alan asked Wayne for the steps gardeners should take to create their own water feature.

Wayne said: “All water features have the same principle, they all have a water trough or a water reservoir and you have a pump.”

The tools needed for this water feature are a water pump, a trough, two washers, a drill and two watering cans.

Showing the viewers his contraption, he added: “So you put a pump inside here that’s around two metres high, which has to be submerged into your water trough.”

To disguise the pump in the wall Alan suggested using plants.

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Wayne continued: “All you need to do for a water feature is create a cascade. 

“I’ve seen it before where on steps they’ll have watering cans running down the stairs and as long as the circular water can get to the top it can work its way down.

“So I’m going to show you how to do a simple one here, this could be on the side of your shed or on the side of a wall.

“So I’ve got myself a few watering cans here. I’ve drilled a hole in the back and then what I need to do is put a screw through.”

For gardeners who want to try this out, Wayne recommends “always” using a washer, otherwise the watering can will not be secure.

This also helps to keep the watering cans at an angle for a more “decorative” design.

This process can then be repeated with the second watering can to place it diagonally below the first one.

Alan explained how “critical” it is that a water feature makes a “pleasing sound”.

He said: “When this [the watering can] is filling up this is not necessarily a pleasing sound, however, once it gets fuller it will be a pleasing sound.”

The expert noted that it is possible to add more watering cans to make the feature bigger.

To do this DIY garden design, Wayne explained that the water trough needs to be “big enough”.

He said: “Sometimes if you have really hot weather and the trough is quite small, the hot weather will literally evaporate the water so it runs dry.”

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