For a busy family, mornings can often result in fighting for the first pour from the coffeemaker or a slot in the toaster. And if there are more people than toaster slots, things can certainly get, well, heated. To avoid those morning squabbles, consider nabbing this Cuisinart toaster that's 46 percent off, designed with four slots instead of the standard two. 

The stainless steel Cuisinart toaster has six browning settings and dual reheat, defrost, and bagel buttons that light up when they're selected. Wide toasting slots, measuring at 1.5 inches, provide plenty of space to squeeze in hefty bagels and toaster pastries. A high-lift lever boosts toast clear out of the unit for easy removal — no knife required to unlatch a stuck piece. Cleanup is also a breeze thanks to the removable tray, which catches runaway crumbs. 

Buy It! Cuisinart Classic 4-Slice Toaster, $69.95 (orig. $130);

Although this toaster usually costs $130, the Amazon's Choice product has been slashed to just $70. It's racked up over 11,000 five-star ratings from shoppers who have deemed the toaster a "huge time-saver for growing families" and "the best toaster we've owned in 20 years." Many switched from more expensive toasters to this one, noting that it evenly crisps bread — rather than merely steaming it — and makes "perfect toast."

"We needed a toaster that made more slices at once so we don't have to keep waiting for each other to finish," one shopper shares. "Bought this one based on good user reviews and knowing it's from a good brand. We love it. It looks good and professional in our kitchen. It toasts perfectly whether you want it light, dark, or somewhere in between. It's great that we can set different darkness for each pair of slots since [my wife] likes it darker and I like it lighter." 

"I rather enjoy speeding up making breakfast on the weekends for my family," another shopper chimes in. "There are several special options available outside of the temperature and time controls. If I need the bread to toast a little longer I just drop them back in and hit cancel. Making toast for a family of five has been cut in half and I don't plan on going back to a two-slot toaster even after the kids leave for college."

Shop the Cuisinart stainless steel toaster for just $70 on Amazon and make perfect toast for every breakfast. 

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