Whether you’re a serial plant killer or a first-time plant owner, these low maintenance, easy-care plants are the perfect option.  

Keeping your plants alive isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem. 

As Kermit the Frog once said, it’s not always easy being green – whether you accidentally overwater or leave them in the sunshine a little too long, there are plenty of reasons why your houseplants might meet an early demise.

However, if you’re someone whose houseplants have met their end a few too many times, it’s probably wise to rethink the kind of plants you’re buying.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a truly “unkillable” houseplant (they are living things, after all), but there are plenty of low maintenance plants out there which will require very little effort to keep alive.

To help you out, we’ve source nine plants that are famed for their laidback, easy-care nature: think straightforward amounts of light and water, plus the ability to withstand a little bit of neglect.

  • Kentia Palm

    Low maintenance plants: Kentia Palm.

    For a low maintenance statement plant, look no further than the magnificent kentia palm. Not only is it really easy to take care of, it can also thrive in low light corners and looks fantastic too. What’s not to love?

    To keep it happy, simply water when the top of its soil is dry and give it a mist if its leaves begin to turn brown. 

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  • Cylindrical Snake Plant

    Low maintenance plants: Cylindrical Snake Plant.

    There’s a reason why snake plants remain just as popular as they were in the 70s – besides the fact that they’re great to look at, they’re also able to withstand neglect and are happy with whatever you give them.

    The architectural appeal of this cylindrical snake plant makes it the perfect plant for anywhere in your home – it’ll thrive with very little watering and bright, indirect light.

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  • Mini Monstera

    Low maintenance plants: Mini Monstera.

    The mini monstera is proof that low maintenance does not have to equal boring.

    Its adorable, eye-catching leaves, trailing vines and fast-growing nature make this plant a fun one to own.

    To keep your mini monstera happy, simply keep it in dappled or indirect sunlight (it can withstand a bit of shade) and water when the top part of the soil is dry.

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  • Cast Iron Plant

    Low maintenance plants: Cast Iron Plant.

    If you’re notorious for killing your houseplants, give the cast iron plant a go. This plant got its name for a reason, after all: they’re as close to an unkillable houseplant as you can get.

    Your cast iron plant will be happy with any kind of light level (as long as it’s not super bright sunlight) and only needs watering when the top two inches of soil are dry (although it won’t mind if the waterings are irregular, either).

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  • Spider Plant

    Low maintenance plants: Spider Plant.

    Spider plants really are the gift that keeps on giving. Alongside looking great and being super easy to care for (they grow insanely fast and thrive no matter what conditions you throw at them), they also produce small flowers which eventually turn into baby spider plants, so you’ll end up with loads of plants to share with friends!

    To keep your spider plant happy, simply position it in bright, indirect light and keep the soil moist if possible (the tips of their leaves go brown quite regularly, so that’s nothing to worry about).

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  • Aloe Vera

    Low maintenance plants: Aloe Vera.

    On top of being incredibly easy to care for, aloe vera is a medicinal plant which can be used to soothe burns (the gel-like substance inside the leaves is easy to harvest whenever you need it).

    It also happens to grow incredibly fast and be tolerant of irregular watering, so it’s the perfect plant for the first-time plant owner looking to get started.

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  • Zebra Cactus

    Low maintenance plants: Zebra Cactus.

    Although not technically a cactus (it’s actually a succulent which is closely related to aloe vera), the zebra cactus is still just as hardy as its spiky cousins.

    It’s the perfect low maintenance desk plant – it’ll cope with all kinds of light conditions and only needs watering when the soil dries out. We love the little white details on its leaves which give the zebra cactus its name.  

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  • Golden Pothos

    Low maintenance plants: Golden Pothos.

    The golden pothos – also known as the devil’s ivy – is the perfect trailing plant for anyone who wants that indoor jungle aesthetic without all the fuss.

    It got its devilish nickname because of its low maintenance nature: on top of being almost impossible to kill, it also stays green even when kept in the dark.

    Keep it happy by watering when the soil is dry and giving it indirect light.

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  • Chinese Money Plant

    Low maintenance plants: Chinese Money Plant.

    Last but by no means least, the Chinese money plant is as eye-catching as it is easy to look after.

    Keep it happy by waiting for the top of the soil to dry out before watering and giving it indirect light, and not only will it thrive, it’ll also produce lots of little baby plants that you can cut off and grow into full-sized ones to share with friends.

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Images: Courtesy of Suppliers

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