While many will be thinking about Christmas, now is the perfect time to think about winter plants and to get gardening while the soil is still warm and before the frost comes.

The main problem with winter gardens is that they can look one-dimensional and dull due to a lack of colour and plants at this time of year. 

While it can be tempting to ignore gardens in the winter months, this can actually make gardening more challenging in the spring.

To avoid this and make it simple for gardeners, gardening experts at Hayloft have shared a few plants to grow in the garden now for winter colour.

1. Hellebores 

While many plants tend to slumber during winter, gardeners can “bring a magical touch” to their garden with these plants as they have “luxuriant blousy blooms and abundant evergreen foliage”. 

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Although they may look dainty in appearance, don’t be fooled as they are “sturdy plants” that “will survive the cold temperatures of winter” and remain “awe-inspiring”.

2. Cornus 

For those looking for something to really “add a vibrant punch of colour” into their winter garden, then cornus is the plant for them with its fiery-coloured bark. 

This plant is “incredibly easy to grow” with unrivalled striking colour which instantly adds shape and form to any garden it is planted in.

3. Camellia 

Camellia are such a coveted, “low maintenance and extremely hardy” shrub perfect for planting in a pot or a border. 

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The experts claimed that a winter and spring garden “will sparkle with their extravagant blooms” that the bees and butterflies love. 

Their evergreen foliage also ensures that there is always something to look at in the garden.

4. Winter flowering clematis 

At a notoriously sparse time of year, the evergreen foliage and beautiful floral display of winter-flowering clematis is “sure to impress”. 

These plants look wonderful when they are trained up a trellis, obelisk or through shrubs where they can climb and entwine.

5. Pansies 

A common winter favourite, pansies come in such a wide range of colours that there really is something for everyone. 

This is an “ideal plant for beginner gardeners” as they are “so incredibly easy to grow”. 

Perfect for planting in containers, baskets and window boxes for gardens to enjoy colour from October all the way through to March.

6. Coronilla 

During the occasional spells of winter sunshine, the sweet fragrance and lemon-yellow blooms of coronilla will remind gardeners of bright spring days. 

The experts claimed that this is the “very best choice” for those who live in coastal areas or have a particularly windy garden.

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