Grey squirrels are ‘destructive’ says Douglas-Home in 2020

There’s nothing worse than finding freshly planted flowers and bulbs dug up in the morning. While rats, foxes and cats could be the culprits, squirrels are also known to dig up plants in containers, flower beds and pots.

Digging is a natural behaviour in squirrels. When digging, squirrels are usually searching for food or burying acorns and nuts.

With this in mind, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, have shared their hacks for deterring squirrels from digging up flowerbeds.

The cleaning and lifestyle influencer has more than 4.7 million followers on Instagram and often shares her garden and home tips online.

Recently, fans of hers have taken to social media to share their own hacks for solving common household problems.

On one such group, Janice Stanaway posted: “How can I stop squirrels from digging into our flower pots?”

The post was inundated with responses but the most suggested comment was to put stones on top of the pot.

Alison Kane said: “I put stones over the top of my pots. That seems to stop them.”

Velda Marie commented: “I fill around my plants with stones. Worked for me.”

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KZieman Zieman suggested: “I put small stones on mine. Keeps the water in and the squirrels stopped digging.”

Linda Sampson wrote: “I put pebbles around mine. Large ones so they can’t dig.”

Most people have stones in their gardens but for those who don’t, they can be bought from garden centres or online.

Tarmac River Pebbles Midi Bag cost £5 from Wickes. Tarmac 20mm gravel costs £3.70 for a large bag.

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Wilko Natural Stone Pebbles Mesh Bag costs £1 and North Sea Pebbles cost £5.99 from The Range.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using grated soap, pepper, wire mesh and fruit and nuts.

Chris Downes commented: “Grate soap into the soil before you plant, [it] works a treat.”

Christine Kirby suggested: “Unfortunately, they are vermin and not nice rodents.

“Try grating soap on the pots, a tip I read on here.”

Sue Jenkins replied: “Put pepper in them. Done it in mine. I was told pepper. They don’t like it.”

Natalie Ansell said: “Put a wire mesh over the top of pot plants. Bulbs grow through but squirrels won’t get in.”

Antigone Brooks wrote: “Feed them then they won’t bother you and you won’t have to put garlic and soap down.

“They like most things but fruit or nuts is their favourite.”

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