TikTok user tries out 420 calorie Marks and Spencer pizza

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Whether you treat yourself to a takeaway pizza on the weekend or simply pop one in the oven for a quick and tasty dinner, most people eat their pizza the same way – cheese side up. However, according to one man: “That’s not the right way.”

Tommy Wind is a master illusionist who performs in Las Vegas and is one of the stars of the US TV series Masters of Illusion. As a result, he has amassed a following of 500K followers on his official Facebook page where he shares “original movies”. In one such video, he sits down with two women in Las Vegas to reveal to them that they have been “eating pizza wrong”.

Sat across from two women who are chowing down on slices of pizza, Tommy explained: “You’ve been eating pizza wrong your whole life. You’ve been eating pizza the wrong way.”

He asks the women to demonstrate how they would normally eat a pizza, with both of them holding the slice so that the dough is facing down and the cheese is facing upwards. Tommy continued: “No, that’s not the right way. You’ve been doing it wrong. That’s not how you do it. So, let me explain.

“Normally you would take the pizza and you would fold it like that and that’s how everybody does it. Everybody eats pizza that way.

“But there is a secret, there is a trick to eating pizza that is totally different from that and I’m going to show you exactly what that secret is. It makes it taste even better. It’s great.”

Tommy instructs the women to take their pizza slices and turn them upside down so that the toppings are facing their plate and the dough is facing upwards. “Now, some people eat it this way and they just eat it flat but there is a way of doing it,” he said. Tommy then instructs the women to fold the pizza inwards, so that the centrefold is made of the dough while the topping of the pizza is on the outside.

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“The secret is it is the opposite way and do you know why it is the opposite way? [It’s] very specific,” he explained. “I’ll tell you why you see all of the cheese is underneath. All of the cheese and all of the sauce is underneath.

“And on your tongue, there are a lot of tastebuds, so here is the thing, each one of those tastebuds instead of touching the bread on the top is going to touch the cheese on the bottom and it’s going to make it so much better.

“It goes right on your tongue as opposed to the roof of your mouth because there are no tastebuds on the roof of your mouth.”

The magician then asks the women to try a bite of pizza the way they would typically eat it, and then to try it the way he suggested and tell him which one is better. After testing the slice both ways, one of the women said: “It makes it taste even better.” The other woman added: “Wow that’s awesome.”

But what do the experts think? On their blog, pizza delivery service Papa John’s said they have discovered “seven” ways of making pizza which make it “amazing”. In Italy, arguably the birthplace of pizza, most are served uncut which means you have to use a knife and fork to cut them up. Many people then choose to continue using a knife and fork to eat small pieces of the dish.

Papa John’s also recommended eating the pizza upside down. “You’re basically christening your taste buds,” they explained. Though they recommend only doing this with Margherita pizzas, as any with heavy toppings may cause a mess.

Stacking pizza slices together into a sandwich is a method which was made famous by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and one which Papa John’s say is “daring”.

Alternatively, some people might prefer to fold their pizza, especially if the slice is too big. “Because the pizza is folded in half, you’ll get through it super-fast while enjoying every bite,” said Papa John’s. The pizza creators also give a nod to people who remove the toppings and eat those separately from the main slice, those who eat the crust before the cheesy part of the pizza and “the most popular way” to eat a pizza – with your hands. “No faffing around, no waiting, just eating the pizza out the box,” they said.

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