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Niki is an American woman living in Peterborough, England who explores British culture on her TikTok account @inikimouse. She’s tried many of the UK’s most iconic treats but the content creator shocked her Scottish viewers when she gave the country’s most iconic soda a low rating.

On TikTok, Niki began her video by eating a Mr. Kipling cake, a very famous brand of cake in the UK, which since 2018 can be bought internationally in some US and Australian stores. Niki said: “We’re going to start with Mr. Kipling’s Cherry Bakewell. I’ve never tried a Cherry Bakewell before.”

After biting into the cake, which has white icing and a cherry on top, Niki looked amazed made a noise of gastronomical delight and said: “Oh God, this is a 10 out of 10. Oh my God.”

She then tried a Kinder bar, which is Italian chocolate found in many European countries but is very popular in the UK. Most British children will have fond memories of the sweet snack.

Niki said: “I’m not a massive fan of chocolate, but let’s try Kinder chocolate.”

After she tried a piece of the chocolate, she shrugged her shoulders and said: “I’m not usually a fan of chocolate but this is good…that’s a seven out of 10.

Niki then tried a Cadbury Freddo, a small cheap chocolate bar shaped like a frog, like the cartoon mascot of the chocolate brand.

The iconic chocolate bar is often used in the UK to jokingly measure the cost of living and inflation prices, as in the 1990s the bar cost 10p but has roughly increased by 2p each year, and can now be found for around 25p in most local stores.

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She said: “Oh my God, he’s so adorable!” and showed the viewer the frog-shaped chocolate.

Niki then tried the Freddo, and said: “This is a very solid little bar of chocolate, I’m not a fan of chocolate honestly and normally, but this is good, this is getting an eight out of ten.”

Niki next showed a bottle of Irn Bru, a bright orange drink, and said: “This I know is technically Scottish but I’m going to try it for the first time.

She proceeded to take a sip of the soda and screwed up her face, clearly not enjoying the drink, and shook her head. Niki said: “Tastes like a creamsicle, not a fan, that’s a two out of 10.”

Some of Niki’s Scottish viewers found her reaction to their national soda hilarious while others seemed mildly offended.

One Scottish fan wrote: “It’s an acquired taste, don’t worry about it hen!” while someone else wrote: “Irn Bru is the best, how can you not like it!”

One person said “Irn bru is a great hangover cure though” and someone else wrote “Irn Bru, a two out of 10?! I’m going to need a moment to process this unprovoked attack.”

Another Scottish viewer asked Niki to try a different version of the orange soda and wrote: “Irn Bru is better than Coke or Pepsi. Please try the sugar-free version, it’s so much better.”

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