If you’re vegetarian or vegan, then you know that Trader Joe’s is the place to go to get all kinds of ingredients for tasty, easy meals. Their meatless orange chicken is the ultimate vegan take-out replica, their meatless meatballs make spaghetti night the tastiest day of the week, and the sheer variety of plant-based milks they sell makes us feel like we can be our own barista. But it turns out they’re not done yet. The Inside Trader Joe’s podcast just revealed that there are more vegan foods to come to store shelves in 2021, including two delicious sounding dips.


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The latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast features Amy, who works as the meatless category manager for the store. She confirmed what any vegetarian and vegan Trader Joe’s shopper already knows: “There’s been a huge growth in the meatless set.” But it’s not just vegans and vegetarians who are enjoying products like Turkeyless Protein Patties and meatless sausage links. “These new iterations of products are really going after the flexitarian customer,” she says.

Well, flexitarian customers who are avoiding dairy and vegans alike will jump with joy over this news. Apparently, in 2021 Trader Joe’s plans on introducing two new vegan dips. One will be a dairy-free tzatziki, perfect for veggie wraps, falafel plates, and pita chip dunking, and the other is a vegan caramelized onion dip that sounds like a game day snack tray dream. (Game day snack tray – say that 10 times fast!)

“I want to say everybody agreed that they actually tasted better or the same as the full dairy version,” Amy told the podcast hosts, and they agreed. “You’d be hard pressed to differentiate them in a blind tasting,” host Matt says.

We can’t wait for these two new Trader Joe’s vegan dips to be available. In the meantime, we’ll stock up on our favorite Trader Joe’s crackers and chips, so we’re ready to get snacking when the time comes.

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