Gordon Ramsay reveals how to make perfect scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs may be like a “super easy” breakfast to make, but one professional chef has explained this recipe can go “horribly wrong” very quickly. 

Frank Proto has been a cooking professional chef for over 24 years and is also a culinary instructor where he teaches people how to “explore new things in the kitchen.” 

He explained: “Delicious scrambled eggs sound like something that is super-easy, but it can go horribly wrong.”

In a video online, Frank shared how to make “a perfect plate” of “glistering, silky, creamy scrambled eggs, not the dry burnt kind” but also confessed there is a cooking technique that not many people may know, and that is not focused on making the eggs creamy and not fluffy. 

Frank said: “My perfect scrambled eggs are creamy and silky, not fluffy. I don’t like fluffy.  My secret to perfect scrambled eggs is butter, timing and a little bit of love.”  

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In order to make Frank’s perfect scrambled eggs, you will need three eggs, a pack of unsalted butter plus salt and pepper to taste. 

To begin, Frank’s first tip is to take the eggs out of the fridge around 15 to 20 minutes before he begins cooking. He said: “Not only do they whisk better, but they also cook a little quicker.” 

Then, place three eggs in a mixing bowl and then use a fork to thoroughly mix them together. Frank explained: “I always whisk my eggs with a fork as it won’t incorporate too much air into the eggs. That way they will stay nice and silky and not fluffy.” 

Beat the eggs until they are “just combined in order to make sure no extra air gets into the mixture, and then it is time to prepare to cook. 

Frank’s biggest tip for scrambled eggs is to make sure you have all your ingredients and kitchen equipment in arm’s reach as this recipe cooks very quickly

He said: “Scrambled eggs can take under a minute to cook so it’s really important to have everything you need laid out in front of you. I have my butter, seasoning, and a towel in case I burn my hand plus I have my egg mixture ready to go. “ 

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Before you begin cooking the scrambled eggs, Frank first pre-heated a non-stick pan until it was “nice and hot” and then added some far to the pan. 

He said: “Believe it or not, if you don’t preheat this the eggs tend to stick. I like to preheat my pan, get some oil or fat in there, and then cook my eggs. “

Once the pan was on medium heat, Frank added a dollop of butter into the pan and let it melt slightly until the whole pan was completely coated. He said: “I don’t care if the butter is fully melted, I just want it to coat the pan before I put my eggs in.”

Next, Frank added the eggs and immediately added some salt into the liquid mixture, in order for the salt to melt into the eggs and add lots of flavour. 

Frank then used his spatula to gently scrape the eggs into the middle and kept moving the eggs around. At this point, Frank said you can decide how your scrambled egg curds will come out. He said: “You can have big sulky curds or small curds, it’s fully up to you but I like curds to be a little on the larger side. “ 


Stop cooking the eggs as soon as they are no longer liquid in order to make sure they do not overcook, and now it is time to serve on a plate. 

Once on the plate, it is time to add two more ingredients to enrich the scrambled eggs. Frank said: “At this point, people might disagree with me, but I like to add a little bit of black pepper just for flavour and then I take a little bit more butter and spread it around to let the butter melt into those eggs.”

The melter butter will make the scrambled eggs very creamy plus “richer than they already are and taste great” according to Frank. 

Once ready, Frank said it is time to serve your “restaurant quality” scrambled eggs. He said: “Right off the bat, you will get that creaminess of the butter and then get the egg favour. Four different ingredients to make scrambled eggs and a little bit of technique make them extra decadent.

“Fluffy eggs are overrated. Try making these buttery scrambled eggs and you’ll never go back to fluffy eggs again.” 

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