Interim lightweight champion Ryan Garcia is consistently ranked among the top lightweight fighters currently active in the boxing world, a fact which can be attributed to his work ethic when it comes to training hard and staying ring-ready. In a new video on his YouTube channel, Garcia and his personal chef Manny Duran break down the staple meals he’ll tend to eat on an average day to complement his boxing workouts.

Garcia starts each morning with a Yakult to give his digestive system a boost, and then goes on a 5-mile run and does 8 rounds of shadowboxing before breakfast. “I come back and decide if I want to eat or not, how my body feels,” he says. “I kind of listen to my body more. Sometimes I won’t eat at all. But I always do a coffee.”

A typical breakfast for Garcia is avocado toast with turkey breast, cheese and a fried egg, and a glass of orange juice. “This is bomb as hell, and it’s healthy,” he says.

As a mid-morning, pre-workout snack, he’ll usually crush a couple of hardboiled eggs then hit the jump rope, footwork drills, shadowboxing, core exercises like Russian twists, and some resistance training. Then, for lunch, Duran will prepare ground turkey with freshly made salsa and guacamole, served over rice on lettuce wraps.

And as for dinner? Garcia will frequently skip it.

“He doesn’t eat that much,” says Duran. “His stomach is probably that small right now, like a five-year-old… Sometimes I just stand around waiting for him to order something, and he just doesn’t feel hungry.”

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