TikTok user dishes Chinese takeaway directly onto tray

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Chinese food is one of the most popular takeaways in the UK, and the way you eat yours is likely second nature. However, TikTok viewers were left mesmerised after a video went viral of a girl showing her unique way of eating curry, rice and chips.

Chloe, who shares videos on her TikTok page @chloe_lewis97, posted the clip after she “realised” a specific hack to get the absolute most from her dish. In the video, she shows herself picking up a prawn cracker, and placing it scoop-side down into her rice and curry sauce.

When she lifts the cracker back up, the rice and curry sauce has packed into the curve of the cracker in a neat little parcel.

The hack cuts out the need to scoop the rice and sauce from the plate into the cracker, and fills every space.

@chloe_lewis97 Thanks for showing me this life hack @Soph #chinesetakeaway #food #prawncrackers #fyp #foryou #loveit #sound #song #4u #bananabasketclub #pov #todayyearsold #canyourelate #whoelse #yummy #uk ♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

She overlayed the video with text stating: “I was today years old when I realised.” Her video has exploded on the social media app, so far amassing 612.9K “likes” from fellow users and over 8,000 comments.

Viewers described the hack as “mind-blowing” and a “game-changer” for eating a Chinese takeaway. Chloe went on to post a follow-up video, claiming that every Chinese takeaway who had viewed the video was eager to test the hack.

Chloe posted a video response to the comment: “No way, I have got to try this hack”. In her video, she wrote back: “Every Chinese takeaway in the UK after people seen this video and wanted to try it.” [SIC]

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Fans were amazed by the hack, with many saying they had never considered her method to be an option until now. One user said: “I’ve been using a spoon like a peasant this whole time.”

Another said: “I have always eaten them like crisps. It didn’t occur to me to do this. I will definitely try this next time.” A third user added: “Wish I’d saw this earlier, I had to scoop mine in.” [SIC]

Despite the stir Chloe’s hack has caused online, it seems she is not the only one who has been eating her Chinese this way. One TikTok commenter said: “Yeah scooping it in and patting down to get more in.”

They also recommended an extra step, saying: “Then drizzle more sauce on top.” However, her unusual method of eating rice was not the only part of the video to get a reaction. A disagreement broke out over her choice of food.

One user wrote: “Rice and chips.” Another added: “You don’t have chips and gravy with Chinese.” Others maintained that a combination of chips and rice was a common option for a Chinese takeaway. “[It’s] standard to order both chips and rice,” commented someone else.

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