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Roast potatoes, crispy and delicious, no roast or Christmas dinner is complete without them. However, perfecting the roastie is no easy feat.

Theories abound on just how to cook the perfect roast potato.

Now, chef Ben Ebbrell, co-founder of SORTEDfood, weighs in. He discussed the best potatoes to use, and the best fat to roast them in with Express.co.uk.

“Perfect roasties rely on tasty fat and potato variety,” he told readers.

“We roast King Edwards in plenty of duck fat for great-tasting, crispy potatoes.”

Duck fat is slightly stronger in scent and flavour than its equivalent, goose fat.

Beef dripping is another popular fat for potatoes, while some use simple olive oil.

Ben suggests getting your potatoes part ready the day before you cook them.

He suggests boiling them and fluffing them up the next day, then leaving them in the fridge overnight.

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Ben said: “Start the roast potatoes early with getting them boiled and fluffed up the day before, saving you time and washing up on the big day.”

Ben and his team at SORTEDfood recently held an experiment to find the perfect roast potato recipe. 

He advised “burping” the oven, which means releasing steam from the oven every 20 minutes or so.

Ben also kept the herbs, garlic, and raw herbs to the end, tossing them through toward the last few minutes to prevent them burning.

Roast potato tips

Flat edges

Cut your potatoes so there are plenty of flat edges. This created corners and edges to crisp up.

A round potato will not crisp up so well.

Heat it up

The oven needs to get very hot indeed for perfect potatoes.

Two hundred and eight Celcius or 425°F is ideal for perfect potatoes.

Have the fat ready

Preheat your fat while the potatoes are par-boiling.

This will create a sizzling pool of fat for the potatoes for the skin to start crisping up immediately.

If roast potatoes aren’t for you, how about a Dauphinoise potatoes recipe? 

This potato dish with cream and garlic is named after the Dauphiné region of France.

First up make sure you choose the right potato variety.

Ben said: “You want a starchy and floury variety that will help thicken the cream and make it more unctuous” so the King Edward is his favourite to use.

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