If you cut out dairy in adulthood, there’s no doubt you miss that nostalgic classic – a cone of Mr Whippy (with a flake, of course.)

While dairy free and vegan ice-cream alternatives have gotten better over the years, it’s still rare to find a non-dairy soft serve ice cream.

But that’s all about to change: Oatly, the oat drink company, has added a soy and dairy free soft serve to its collection. 

Oatly Vanilla Soft Serve ice cream is available to food service providers, like restaurants, to sell in store. 

The product was soft launched in April, during London Coffee Festival, and has since partnered with restaurants The Breakfast Club, Saint Espresso and The Parlour in Fortnum & Mason, where you can already go and taste Oatly’s offering.

The ice cream is also going to be used in the Matcha bar JENKI to create a unique Matcha Soft Serve ice-cream, as well as Neat Burger, who plan to launch dairy free soft serve milkshakes using Oatly. 

Oatly plans to keep rolling out their new product over the summer, bringing it to festivals and other retailers around the UK, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Bryan Carroll, General Manager for Oatly in the UK and Ireland, said: ‘At Oatly, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for people to incorporate more plant-based food and drinks into their everyday life. 

‘That means creating products for every occasion where you might typically find dairy. 

‘Food service is critical to that mission and we’re delighted to have launched with like-minded brands that are recognising people want more than just dairy on offer. 

‘We have exciting plans for this product and look forward to bringing Oatly Vanilla Soft Serve to festivals across the UK this summer.’

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