M&S has consistently delivered incredible sweet treats this year. 

From chocolate s’mores you can grill on the BBQ to cereal milk clusters, there are all kinds of delights that will satisfy cravings. 

But now there’s a brand new dessert that’s caught our attention. 

The supermarket has added a lemon meringue flavour to its cake jar line-up – made up of Madeira sponge cake, lemon buttercream, lemon curd and meringue pieces.

This zesty new addition was spotted by foodie Instagram account @kevssnackreviews – who rated the treat a solid 8/10.

He stated: ‘The lemon curd actually tones down the sweetness a little with its tart vibes. The meringue pieces add the perfect chewy crunch for texture and the Madeira cake is soft and fluffy. It certainly mimics lemon meringue very well.’

https://www.instagram.com/p/CSrkDkZqPW3They’re available at £4 a pop – but if lemon isn’t your thing, there are various other flavours to choose from. 

Let’s not forget about the Colin the Caterpillar cake jar, which consists of a rich chocolate sponge, Belgian chocolate sauce, chocolate ganache, milk and white chocolate chips and is finished with the character’s white chocolate face.

There’s also the raspberry ripple flavour – made up of layers of sponge, sweet raspberry jam, creamy vanilla buttercream and freeze-dried raspberry pieces.

As well as the trillionaire’s cake jar, which features sponge with salted caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, milk chocolate shortcake balls and fudge pieces.

And last but not least, the Percy Pig variety – which was added back in July. 

The individual jars are particularly handy if everyone in a group likes different desserts.

Natalie Tate, lead product developer for M&S Cakes, said: ‘These cake jars are absolutely delicious and are perfect for picnics, lunches on the go – or pretty much whenever you need a sweet fix. Gone are the days of picking a cake to suit all tastes – you can now mix and match to suit everyone.’

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