Millions of travellers plan their entire holidays around the food, according to research. A study of 2,000 UK adults found cuisine is more important than culture, landmarks, or beaches when it comes to picking a destination.

And 42 percent feel nervous about visiting a country where they don’t know the cuisine.

Nearly a quarter (23 percent) said their bucket list consists of more food to try than locations to travel to.

And 49 percent like to eat at local independent restaurants when they’re away, while 21 percent will seek out delectable street foods.

One in four (26 percent) have tucked into octopus while on holiday, while 14 percent have sampled frogs’ legs – and four percent have even chowed down on a grasshopper.

The study was commissioned by Tesco Mobile, to launch its Roaming Food Truck, which is serving up holiday inspiration from cuisines around the world.

Rachel Swift, chief customer officer for the brand, said: “One thing that’s clear from our research is that, as a nation, we can get quite comfortable travelling to the same holiday destinations over and over again.”

European foods they’d usually never try at home are most popular among travellers – including Polish, Portuguese, and Scandinavian meals.

And the top food-led destinations travellers are heading to this summer include Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and Portugal.

When they go away, Brits are more likely to try local cuisines rather than seek out foods familiar from home (40 percent, vs 12 percent).

More than two-thirds (69 percent) put this down to having a more “authentic” travel experience, while 37 percent do so to get the freshest foods.

And for 26 percent, it’s an opportunity to help the local economy, while the same number like to interact with locals.

The research, carried out via OnePoll, also found nine percent will do “a great deal” of research into where to eat before they head away.

Rachel Swift, from Tesco Mobile, which is using the Roaming Food Truck to highlight the countries in Europe and beyond where customers can roam at no extra cost this year, added: “Knowing what a big role food plays in our holiday decisions, we are inviting everyone to visit our Roaming Food Truck, so they can roam with their stomachs before booking their holidays.”

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