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Someone who claims to be a McDonald’s employee has revealed how the fast food chain makes some of its most iconic menu items. 

TikTok user @essentialmcdonalds has posted several viral videos on the social media platform showing the behind-the-scenes process for making McDonald’s eggs, various burgers, cookies and several drinks. 

Many of the videos have gone viral with millions of views, including a recent clip showing how McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made. 

That video, which was posted a few days ago, begins with the TikTok user testing the oil to make sure it’s light enough to make the nuggets. 

Once the user confirms the oil is clean, the clip switches to showing a plastic bag filled with chicken nuggets, which gets opened and poured into a fryer basket.

“So you get your chicken nuggets,” the user says. “They come frozen in a bag. You pour them into a basket. And then you shake them so they all go into their own slots.”

The user then places the fryer basket into the oil.

“You put them down in your fryer and they go down for three and a half minutes,” the TikTok user says in the video. “When it’s time to pull them up, you press the pull and then you kinda shake them out a bit, make sure you loosen them up from the sides of the basket.”

A TikTok user recently revealed how McDonald’s cooks its chicken nuggets in a viral video.

Once the excess oil has been shaken out, the TikTok user dumps the nuggets into another basket on the counter while saying: “And then you just dump them right in your basket.”

“And that’s it, you’re done,” the user says. 

As of Wednesday morning, the video had been viewed more than 9.3 million times.

In another video posted last week, @essentialmcdonalds revealed how french fries are made. 

“This is how you make our fries,” the user says in the clip. “You get your fries from your fry hopper. You put your basket there and it drops them.”

The video shows the TikTok user getting the fries in the fryer basket and then placing them into the oil. 

“Put them in your oil and you start your timer,” the TikTok user said. “You get a duty timer 30 seconds after they’ve started cooking and you just press that and you shake the fries so they don’t stick together and you put them back in the oil.”


“And then when they’re done, you press the timer to stop them,” the TikTok user adds as the fries are taken out of the oil. “You pull your fries out and you just shake all the excess oil off. And then you just dump them in your fry station, you salt them and you shake them around a little bit and make sure the salt sticks to the fries. And you’re done.”

A TikTok user recently revealed how McDonald’s makes its french fries.

As of Wednesday morning, the french fry video had been viewed more than 8 million times. 

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