McDonald's launch the Chicken Big Mac

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For the 30 days of April, customers will be able to claim offers on their favourite fast foods from McDonald’s. However, they will only be able to do so through the My McDonald’s app.

McDonald’s lovers will not be able to redeem the deals at McDonald’s branches, or on Uber Eats orders.

Today, April 4, customers are entitled to 20 percent off their food order.

On April 1, customers were able to enjoy one of the most popular items on the McDonald’s menu for less than £1.

The iconic Big Mac was slashed dramatically from around £3.19 to just 99p.

On April 2, McDonald’s offered customers its Quarter Pounder with Cheese for the same price.

Just yesterday, McDonald’s customers who spent £15 in one app order received £5 off their total.

Those who want to snap up particular deal cannot wait around, as they reset at the end of each day to something new.

Another 99p bargain will be on offer tomorrow, April 5, with fast food lovers asked to make the difficult decision between a Triple Cheeseburger or six McNuggets.

On Wednesday April 6, the McChicken Sandwich, McPlant Burger and Quarter pounder with Cheese will all be 99p.

These are the deals offered between April 1 and April 10:

April 1

99p Big Mac – Normally: £3.89 Save: £2.90

April 2

99p Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Normally: £4.99 Save: £4

April 3

Spend £15, Save £5

April 4

20% off everything

April 5

99p Triple Cheeseburger – Normally £2.39 Save: £1.40
99p McNuggets – Normally: £4.09 Save: £3.10

April 6

99p McChicken Sandwich – Normally: £3.99 Save: £3
99p McPlant Burger – Normally: £3.99 Save: £3
99p Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Normally: £4.99 Save: £4

April 7

20% off everything

April 8

£1.49 Chicken Selects – Normally: £4.29 Save: £2.80

April 9

99p Triple Cheeseburger – Normally: £2.39 Save: £1.40

April 10

Spend £20, Save £5

The remaining 20 days of the month promise more exceptional savings from McDonald’s.

Customers can claim these offers via the app, where they will be asked to “tap to play” each day.

Customers will then be able to add that day’s offer to their basket and checkout.

They can either collect their order or choose the McDelivery option.

McDonald’s fans can only claim one offer per day.

For example, on Wednesday, customers will have to select a 99p McChicken Sandwich, McPlant Burger or Quarter pounder with Cheese – not all three.

Bear in mind that delivery costs will be added for customers who select the McDelivery option.

McDonald’s lovers can use their McDonald’s app today to receive a whopping 20 percent off of their order.

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