Nigella Lawson shares her recipe for ‘emergency brownies’

International Chocolate Day is on September 13th as a way to celebrate how cultures from all over the world are able to use chocolate to make numerous delicious treats. 

What better way to treat yourself on this holiday than by creating icon Mary Berry’s “ultimate” chocolate brownies? 

On her website, Mary Berry said: “Our favourite brownie; it has a wrinkled top and a gooey middle. Perfect for eating as it is or you could add a topping of your choice.”

This delightful treat can by be prepared in less than ten minutes and will take 45 minutes in the oven, which means you can have Great British Bake Off-approved brownies in less than one hour. 

This recipe will provide 24 squares of chocolate brownies and can be made two days before any big event. Mary Berry recommends a 30 x 23cm (12 x 9in) traybake tin with baking paper to make this dessert. 

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Ingredients for Mary Berry’s Chocolate Brownies

  • 360g (12 1/2 oz) plain chocolate,

  • 225g (8oz) butter, but a little bit extra will be needed for greasing

  • 225g (8oz) light muscovado sugar

  • 75g (3oz) self-raising flour

  • 75g (3oz) chocolate chips

  • 4 eggs, beaten

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

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1.  First, prepare. Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F) for a fan oven or 160°C (320°F) for a gas oven. Then grease the brownie baking tray with butter before lining it with non-stick baking paper. 

2. Melt the chocolate and butter together. Place both your plain chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl and place over a pot of boiling water on a stove until well-melted. Make sure to mix together to combine the ingredients. 

3. Combine ingredients. Remove the chocolate from the heat and let it sit for a few minutes to cool. Then combine both the eggs and sugar and mix until smooth. Once done, combine the flour and vanilla extract until it is smooth once again, and then add in the chocolate chips.

4. Time to bake. Pour the brownie batter into the prepared tray and bake in the oven for 45 minutes until risen. They should be set around the edges while being slightly soft in the middle.

5. Cool down. Take the brownies out of the oven and let them cool inside the tray. Once around room temperature cut the brownies into 24 squares, and they will be ready to be served.

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