Scottish TikToker wins 'lumpy' oat milk war with Lidl

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Lidl has been forced to recall its own brand oat milk after a campaign ran by a TikTok user who claimed it was lumpy and smelled badly. The supermarket has withdrawn the product from shelves but said a new batch will be back in stock soon.

The campaign was followed by thousands and was the driving force behind the oat milk being recalled.

Luna Martin, 23, who uses TikTok under the name @lunahtic, shared video clips of the oat milk with her thousands of followers.

Her videos garnered over a million views and thousands of comments.

In one video, Luna emptied the milk carton into a bowl through a sieve, enabling viewers to see the lumps left behind.

In another video, she bought a carton of the 89p milk and immediately poured it on the ground outside a Lidl shop, showing audiences that the lumps are nothing to do with how she stores the milk at home.

This also demonstrated that there were lumps in more than one milk carton.

This video alone garnered three million views.

In one of her videos, weeks before the milk was eventually recalled, Luna said: “The shop where I live, and it might be the same with other people, is selling lumpy oat milk, it’s not just lumpy it’s like really sour.

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“They’ve been doing this, well I first noticed it on the 10th of August and I’ve been drinking this milk for years, so I’ve made about seven calls up and I was promised a refund because I bought 16 cartons for each week, and then they said they’re not giving me a refund despite me providing pictures and barcode numbers.”

Lidl told the TikTok star that the product would not be recalled because it was “not a health hazard”, but in another video, Luna shared that she had taken the matter to her local environmental health department in Scotland, who agreed to investigate.

Eventually, on Monday, October 11, Luna told her followers that she had been given a recall notice by a member of staff at Lidl.

She said: “This document shows that all Lidl oat milk in the UK up to the date stated on the letter has to be recalled.

“I spoke to my local Lidl store manager who did tell me the oat milk had been recalled.

“I was told that new batches of the same oat milk will be back on the shelves really soon and you can guarantee I’ll be first in line.”

Lidl told the local authority environmental health team: “Our latest oat milk withdrawal was last Wednesday (October 6) which was sent to all regions.

“This was due to a number of complaints we had relating to the product being lumpy/white floating bits.

“It was confirmed not to be a health and safety risk.”

However, the own brand oat milk has now been taken off shelves.

A Lidl spokesperson said: “At Lidl, it is never our intention for a customer to be dissatisfied in any way and we work very closely with our suppliers to ensure that the products in our stores are of the highest possible quality.

“Following customer feedback we have recalled the affected batch and the product will be back in stores very soon.”

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