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The cooking hack was posted by content creator Ruby Holley, and has 17K “likes” on TikTok. Ruby usually posts her fashion, beauty, and travel tips on her account. She took to the app to show her followers the Christmas dinner hack she had found.

The clever programme will automatically work out all your Christmas dinner timings, or the timings for any roast dinner. Plus, it’s free and anyone with an internet connection can access it.

Ruby said: “If you are cooking Christmas dinner this year then you are going to need this hack. So for me, the hardest part about cooking a roast dinner is the timings. I always get them wrong or just generally don’t know what to put in and when at what temperature. This will save you.”

Ruby explained what it is and how it works. She went on: “So this is the roast dinner timing chart. You literally just type into Google and it comes up as the first one.”

Ruby suggests typing into Google “The Great Roast Dinner Timing Chart” and then using the first one available to time your roast. You can use it to time chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and turkey, and extras such as pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puddings from a batter or frozen.

She went on: “So you pop in what meat you’re having and then your veg or sides, and then what time you want to serve it. Then it literally tells you exactly what to do. I’m going to show you now.”

The content creator put in some sample data to show exactly how it worked. She said: “You can see it comes up with all of the instructions and timings for your rows.  I’ve used this every single time I cook a roast dinner and it’s always worked so well. So definitely use it.”

TikTok users were quick to thank the content creator for the clever tip. One wrote: “This is revolutionary! Honestly, the timing is the most stressful part.”

Another said: “This is a really good hack for my dad who loves to cook but struggles with remembering timings, thank you.” Another wrote, “Doing the Lord’s work! Thank you.” One fan remarked: “Wow, thanks for the tip! I hadn’t even thought about how much I needed this.”

A chef shared his “best Yorkshire pudding recipe ever”, which was full of genius tips for “ginormous” Yorkies. Martyn Odell, or Lagon Chef, has 869.9K followers on his TikTok account. 

It’s all in the batter, he said, and viscosity of it is crucial. The chef explained: “If your batter is too thin, it’s just going to get crispy and it’s too thick, it’s going struggle to rise. So what you want is like a thin pancake batter mix.”

He then pre-heated the oven, and while it was heating he put the batter in the fridge. The chef claims the hot oil and the cold batter combined to create a good rise in the Yorkshires.

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