How to prepare a traditional Matcha tea at home

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Matcha mille crepe cakes are incredibly special and present a real challenge for bakers. Unlike normal cakes, they are not placed in the oven, but are instead the product of several crepes assembled together with cream. The process is well worth the challenge but can prove too tricky for the faint-hearted cook. But for those who are willing to take on this beautiful challenge, how do you make a matcha mille crepe cake?

How to make a matcha mille crepe cake


For the crepes:

  • Six eggs
  • 560g of whole milk
  • 80g of sugar
  • 85g of plain flour
  • 50 of butter
  • 5g of matcha powder.

Matcha creme:

  • 500g of whipping cream
  • 60g of sugar
  • 15g of matcha powder.


  • 20g of white chocolate
  • 2g of matcha powder.


Begin by whisking your eggs with sugar for around 30 seconds and then pour in your milk.

Whisk the mixture until it is smooth then add in your sieved flour, add the matcha powder and mix.

Slowly add in melted butter through a sieve to avoid adding any lumps.

Chill your mixture for at least one hour in your fridge.

The next step is to cook the crepes, so place your crepe pan on your stovetop over a medium heat for around one minute to heat up.

Then using a ladle pour enough batter onto your pan to spread a very thin layer across the entire width of your pan.

You need up to 30 crepes to make the cake so make sure to make the crepes very thin to ensure you have enough mixture.

Once the crepe begins to turn slightly brown, peel it off your pan and put it on a plate away from the heat.

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Continue to add more batter and repeat the process of making crepes to make at least 25 to 30 crepes.

Using an eight-inch cake ring, cut your crepes so they are all the same shape and size.

Leave the crepes to one side to cool and begin making your matcha creme.

To make the matcha creme, begin by whisking the whipping cream, sugar and matcha powder together until the mixture is thick and stiff.

The final stage of creating your matcha mille crepe cake is to assemble it.

The easiest way to assemble your cake is to use a turntable.

Begin by placing a crepe on your turntable and then putting a scoop of matcha creme on top.

Using a pallet knife spread it across the crepe and then top it with another crepe.

Repeat this process until you have one crepe pancake remaining.

Place the last crepe on top without adding more matcha creme on top.

To make the final topping, melt white chocolate and add matcha powder to the mixture.

Pipe your white chocolate and matcha mixture on top of your cake.

Finish this process by dusting a final sprinkle of matcha powder on top.

Refrigerate your cake overnight to allow the cake to fully set.

Tips to help make the perfect matcha mille crepe cake

  • Make sure to rest your batter in the figure for at least one hour before cooking.
  • Try to make extra thin crepes as they will make for a more soft and delicate result in the end.
  • To make extra thin crepes, you can add a little water to the batter immediately before cooking as it will help to coat the pan more evenly.
  • Cook crepes on a non-stick pan on low heat.
  • Place crepes on a cooling rack before stacking together on a plate to prevent them from getting soggy.
  • Make sure to add a thin layer of creme between each layer as a thick layer will make the construction unstable.

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