Southern food: pork chops, ribs, chicken, and more. The heavy meats. But, despite being a proud Texas native, Brooklyn Nets star DeAndre Jordan’s diet is (surprisingly) plant-based. In the latest installment of Eat Like, we met up with Jordan to learn about how the 32-year-old finds his protein source when meat’s off the table.

It’s been three years since Jordan adopted a plant-based diet and he (and his body) are loving it. “It’s something that has been a huge part of my life, on and off the basketball court,” he told Men’s Health.

Breakfast is pretty simple for the basketball star: some scrambled eggs and vegetables. “Spinach, mushrooms, onions…they try to get me to eat tomatoes even though I am not the biggest fan.”

After practice, when his body needs refueling, his lunch is a side salad and a savory Beyond Burger (his words, not ours). “I find Beyond very very tasty,” he said. “I think it’s very flavorful, savory, so it definitely is a big part of my diet.”

As for dinner, it’s more salad—this time, a bigger portion—and pasta with more Beyond Burger added. Sometimes the pasta is plain, other times, he’s adding vegetables and a non-meat-based bolognese sauce.

And, just like us regular folk, Jordan has his cheats day, too, though he doesn’t crave cupcakes or ice cream as you’d expect. “I’m a big waffle guy with peanut butter on the waffle,” he said. “Lunch or dinner: pizza. I try to go the gluten-free route, but if they don’t have it, then bring on the gluten.”

Oh, and don’t forget the cookies. No one, not even this 6’11 basketball player, can resist the temptation of some chocolate chip cookies.

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