Soldiers, dippy eggs or soft-boiled eggs and toast are a great way to start a Sunday, and TV chef Gordon Ramsay has shared his “tricks” to cook the “perfect yolks” every time, but not everyone is convinced by some of the steps.

In a TikTok video, the Hells Kitchen chef was boiling an egg for a ramen dish, but the same steps can be applied for breakfast boiled eggs.

Gordon already had a saucepan full of water on a rolling boil on a stove. Taking two eggs, he said: “Get them onto a spoon and drop them into the water.” He then shouted: “Please time me six minutes!”

The chef added: “Bring that [the water] to the boil, but don’t water them ferociously, or you’ll get a black line around the outside, boil them gently.

@gordonramsayofficial #Ramen needs a perfect yolky #egg to go with it….here’s my tips to make the perfect soft boiled egg from #Ramsayin10 ! #tiktokcooks #learnontiktok ♬ original sound – Gordon Ramsay

“Six minutes later, take them out and put them into cold water before peeling.

“A little trick, get the base and crack it then sit it back into the bowl of cold water,” he demonstrated. You can also blow the bottom of the egg where it has just been cracked.

Gordon continued: “After a couple of minutes in cold water, you can peel the shell off the eggs.”

But if you’re having trouble, blow the eggs and it should help the shell “come off super quick”.

He cut open the egg and inside it was “runny and yolky”.

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The blowing technique caused uproar in the comments section of the video. One joked: “Idk if the blowing technique is good for restaurant service.”

“I can peel the egg just like that without the blowing,” a second said.

Someone else commented: “I don’t want random blowing on my eggs! lmao.” Another remarked: “Why is he blowing on eggs?” One replied: “He did the blow wrong. They’re suppose to fly out the shell it defeats having to peel, that’s the whole point.”

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