Sizzling hot meat, melted cheese, and fresh lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a fresh bun — what could be better? Hamburgers are the perfect hot-weather meal, but now that we have reached mid-summer, you might be ready to switch things up a little. Giada De Laurentiis has an easy hack to “elevate” your burgers, and you’re going to want to try it tonight!

“A sure way to elevate a burger into new culinary heights: truffle!” the Italian chef captioned an Instagram post yesterday. She included two pictures. One of a delicious hamburger cut in half to reveal dripping ketchup on the fluffy ciabatta bun. (Warning: this picture will make you hungry).

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“These Italian burgers on toasted ciabatta buns star melty Provolone cheese, Parmesan in the patties, arugula and our favorite truffle ketchup — though any condiment will do. 😉” she added.

Creating fabulous burgers is as simple as spreading truffle ketchup on the bun, something De Laurentiis demonstrated in her second picture, showing the spread on the open bun.

While you can use truffle ketchup for any burger (including fast food burgers!), if you really want to treat your tastebuds, then make De Laurentiis’ burger recipe, too. Her Italian Truffle Burgers require ground chuck, grated Parmesan, tomato paste, Provolone cheese, ciabatta rolls, and truffle ketchup.

To make, grill the ground chuck on a pan on the stove or a gas or charcoal grill, adding the Parmesan and other ingredients. Form into eight patties and cook 4 to 5 minutes before flipping and topping with Provolone. Build your burger with remaining ingredients once fully cooked, being sure to spread your favorite truffle ketchup on the bun.

Like all good food hacks, De Laurentiis’ burger hack is simple and game changing. It’s all about the (not-so) secret sauce, friends!

Get De Laurentiis’ Italian Truffle Burgers recipe here and shop her favorite truffle ketchup here.

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