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Trying to brainstorm a new dinner every night of the week sometimes feels impossible, so we always have a few constants in rotation. Our most failsafe dinner option? Pasta. We stock our cupboards with a few different shapes of pasta, winter or summer, so that a quick and delicious meal is always near at hand. Eating a hot bowl of pasta bolognese in the summer doesn’t necessarily sound like a match in heaven, but summer is actually one of the best times of year to switch up your pasta game. Instead of relying on heavy slow-cooked meats for flavor, Martha Stewart
shows us how it’s done in her bucatini with roasted and fresh tomatoes, a celebration of summer that’s still ready to eat in under and hour.


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We love summer pasta dishes that incorporate raw tomatoes, but sometimes those raw tomatoes are a little too watery to coat your pasta with sauce. Stewart’s solution? Quickly roast some cherry tomatoes until they’re bubbly, bursting, and slightly charred, then mix those with some pasta cooking water and olive oil to create a sauce that will cling to the noodles.

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Then, she adds a hit of bright, fresh tomato flavor with a tomato salad of sorts made with diced tomatoes (we recommend using home-grown or farmer’s market tomatoes for the best flavor), shredded fresh basil and mint, and more olive oil.

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The roasted cherry tomato sauce is tossed with the cooked bucatini pasta
(it’s like spaghetti but has a hole in the center of each long noodle), then it’s topped with the fresh tomato salad, a dollop of ricotta, and a handful of homemade crispy Pecorino Romano-flavored croutons.

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Stewart’s pasta with tomatoes two ways can be eaten hot as soon as it’s done being made, or you can eat it at room temperature if basking in the light of the setting summer sun makes you forget all about eating dinner after it’s done.

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