KFC: TikTok user shares technique for fast food wrap

One Instagram user has shared simple tricks to become more efficient and cut back on food waste. The woman revealed how to stop food going off and how to be more organised in the kitchen.

The video was shared on ‘mercer7official’ Instagram and showed one woman sharing organising hacks.

The caption read: “Since I have restarted my @mercer7official ’how-to’ series, I thought I would try (and share) these three organising hacks I have learned from watching tiktok videos.

“I cannot believe I did not know about them before!”

She revealed how to keep cereal and bread fresh and make tin foil easier to use.

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Cereal hack

In the clip, the woman showed viewers how to preserve their cereal by keeping the box shut.

Instead of tucking the cereal flaps over, she pinched the sides of the cereal box to create a peak at the top.

She then folded in the flaps so there were no gaps at the sides, which is sure to keep the cereal fresher for longer.

Tin foil hack

Next, the social media user revealed how to make tin foil easier to use.

She pointed to a subtle flap already built in to the side of the tin foil box.

By pushing it in, the ends of the roll of tin foil could slot in easily.

The slot held the tin foil roll in place which made using the product much more simple.

Bread hack

Most packets of bread will come with a sticker which can be used to keep the bag closed.

However, this can become less sticky the more it is used, or be lost easily.

In her organising tips video, the Instagram user showed another way to ensure bread stayed fresh for as long as possible.

She grabbed the top of an open bread bag and spun it round so it was tightly closed.

Then, the social media user folded the top of the bag over the rest of the bread so it was closed securely.

Looking online can be a great way to find new and useful organising tips.

Many homeowners will take social media to share their favourite hacks with others.

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