Whether you’re a brown or red sauce kind of person, you’ve likely grappled with a glass bottle of your favourite condiment at some point.

Everybody has their own tip; tap the base, run another bottle over the ridges at the bottom, or break the seal with a knife in the opening.

With all that extra faff, many choose plastic squeezy sauce bottles, which is undoubtedly easier but far less environmentally friendly.

If you want to use less plastic but don’t want the hassle of rigid glass, we have just the product for you.

Saucestream was created by entrepreneurs Ian Hutchinson and Peter Neath, who recently received investment for the product on Dragon’s Den.

The idea came from a conversation about the show Blue Planet, and is designed as a reusable alternative to the 7.8 billion plastic bottles we use in the UK each year.

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Rather than going for single-use plastic, buy glass containers (which can be cleaned, reused, and endlessly recycled) and attach your Saucestream Squeezer.

The attachment uses an automatic valve to distribute sauce when you need it while avoiding splats and leakage.

Instead of shaking the bottle you give the balloon a squeeze, so you can ditch plastic without losing out on convenience.

Fitting standard sauce bottles – including HP and Heinz – the Saucestream is dishwasher safe and super affordable.

Both the red/ketchup and brown options are on sale from £19.99 to £7.99 at Robert Dyas, meaning you’re saving money as well as the planet.

They say it’s the simple inventions that are the most helpful, and that seems to be the case with Saucestream, with reviewers describing it as a ‘wonderful product.’

With less mess, less waste, and less money to spend, it’s a no-brainer.

Get the Brown Sauce Squeezer for £7.99 at Robert Dyas.

Get the Red Sauce Squeezer for £7.99 at Robert Dyas.

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