Whether it’s a hungover McDonalds, a pizza in front of the football, or a Pad Thai to celebrate the end of a miserable Tuesday, there’s always an excuse for a takeaway.

And while we all have our favourite picks, Deliveroo have unveiled the top trending dishes and grocery items ordered from the delivery giant this year.

Their ‘Deliveroo 100 report’ includes the top 100 trending dishes globally, as well as the UK’s top 30.

Staying on home turf first, the top spot went to a burrito from Chipotle, in London.

Coming in at second was Pad Thai from Ting Thai Caravan in Edinburgh, followed by a Five Guys cheeseburger in third – the third year in a row that the humble cheeseburger has finished in the top 10.

And while we might consider takeaways to be a less than healthy treat, some diners have different ideas, with Waitrose’s Perfectly Ripe Avocados charting at seventh place.

UK’s top 30 trending dishes

When it comes to looking further afield, the top globally trending dish was a chicken shawarma kebab from Mezzencore, Paris, France.

The burrito from London’s Chipotle claimed the global silver medal, while a Schiacciata favolosa – otherwise known as a type of Italian salami flatbread sandwich – from All’Antico Vinaio, in Florence, Italy, claimed the bronze.

Some clear trends also emerged over the course of the year.

A closer look at Deliveroo’s top 100 reveals some fun foodie ordering trends over the course of 2022.

Whether fried, grilled, rolled into a wrap, or between two buns, it’s clear that people love chicken with poultry-based dishes filling nearly a quarter (23%) of all the spots on this year’s Deliveroo 100. 

Many national dishes in their respective countries also made the list – including Pain Au Chocolats in France and Margherita pizza in Italy.

Perhaps more surprisingly, fro-yo was a top pick for dessert, with London’s Snog making the list.

And it looks like we’re taking advantage of eating in the comfort of our own homes, and doing away with a knife and fork for a more hands on experience. Just over 60% of the 94 dishes on the list (not including drinks or grocery items) are foods that people tend to eat with their hands.

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