Would you believe us if we told you a fruit that tastes exactly like actual candy exists? Well, buckle up, friends because we’re about to introduce you to Candy Snap Grapes and they’re being sold right now at our favorite store — Costco. Sure, it can be easy to head straight for a butter cinnamon loaf or strawberry-filled brioche when your sweet tooth takes over but if you want to squash those cravings in the most satisfying way possible you’re going to want to try these grapes instead.

Popular Costco fan account @costcosisters shared the find on Instagram and pondered whether or not these grapes would live up to their name. They wrote, “Has anybody tried these candy snap grapes? 🍇 Are they extra sweet or do they have a special flavor?”

Well, commenters were quick to assure everyone that the grapes do in fact taste like real candy. One user wrote, “I don’t like grapes other than the cotton candy ones and these are just as good if not better than those!!! Super sweet not chalky and have a great snap with no seed remnants which I dislike even when the grapes are seedless. They are amazing.” Is it just us or do these sound too perfect?


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Just think how easy it will be to get your kids to eat some fruit if it tastes like candy. These grapes can easily be packed in your kid’s lunch or you can serve them up for an afterschool snack. But because Costco’s produce section is constantly changing, we suggest getting to your local Costco as soon as you can. These sweet grapes are sure to sell out quickly!

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