MasterChef's Kenny Tutt cooks with commonly-binned foods

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A French chef has gone viral on TikTok after sharing his onion-slicing hack which some commenters described as “life-changing”. The cooking whizz, who goes by the username @casa_tips on TikTok, has amassed a following of 208.8K followers thanks to his informative videos.

His onion-slicing hack creates “perfect” thin slices of onion without having to perfect the art of knife chopping. Instead, the chef shows how you can use a fork and a vegetable peeler to slice your onion thoroughly the whole way through.

He begins by stabbing a fork into the bottom of the onion. This keeps the vegetable sturdy while he slices the onion. To keep the onion stable, he places his hand on the handle of the fork, pressing it down into his chopping board.

Then, using a vegetable peeler, he moves it backwards and forwards to create his lusciously thin slices. “Just move it back and forth,” he said as he demonstrated the action.

@casa_tips Réponse à @jeleleenaJeleleena asked for cabbage. This how we peel it. The main tips here is to adjust the pressure of the Peeler on the cabbage according the thickness you’re looking for. Which vegetables do you wish next ? Tell us in the comments session. #kitchenhacks #cabbage #casatips ♬ son original – Casa Tips

If you notice that only the middle of your onion is being sliced, the chef says you should move the vegetable peeler from side to side to get slices from the entire vegetable.

The slices which are produced are “perfect for your burger or for your pizza” he added. So far, his super simple tip has amassed 4.2 million “likes” from viewers.

A user named José said: “Man, you just changed my life.” Another dubbed the hack as a “genius” method.

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A commenter named Jim Hagen said he had spent over 20 years cutting onions wrong. He said: “Me who finds out that this is quite useful after 22 years.” The French chef commented back saying: “Never too late to learn.”

Other people said they had already been using the hack. One user wrote: “Wait, people aren’t doing this? I’ve been doing this with most vegetables.”

Another commenter said the process is “so satisfying.” According to Casa_tips, the hack isn’t just good for chopping onions. In another video, he shows how to slice cabbage for the “perfect coleslaw” using the exact same method.

However, unlike the onion tip, you do not need to use a fork. Instead, simply chop your cabbage in half and then place the flat side down onto the chopping board.

Next, it’s time to grab your vegetable peeler and begin slicing. The chef explains how you move the vegetable peeler “back and forth” at speed to create “nice and thin” slices.

“These are perfect for salad,” he added. “This is how we peel it. The main tip here is to adjust the pressure of the peeler on the cabbage according to the thickness you’re looking for.”

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