TikTok user asks viewers if potatoes belong in the fridge

It is almost autumn, meaning many people will begin to make home comfort recipes such as stews and soups to help warm themselves up over the colder seasons. 

One essential ingredient in any hearty meal is potatoes – an incredibly versatile vegetable that can be used in all sorts of nourishing meals as they are cheap and very easy to prepare. 

However, it may be common sense to keep potatoes in the drawer of your fridge, but doing so can not only spoil the taste but also make potatoes rot much more quickly, leading them to go mushy, smell or even begin sprouting. 

Luckily, a good expert has explained her food storage tips for making sure potatoes last for up to two months. Jessica Gavin is a culinary scientist and chef who enjoys sharing her best recipes as well as her kitchen food storage advice on social media. 

In one video posted online, Jessica said never to store potatoes in the fridge as they do not do well in cold temperatures. She explained: “The starches will turn to sugar, giving you a more sweeter taste and potential burning when frying. You’ll also notice some grey streaks when you’re cooking.”

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Potatoes should also never be stored on countertops oas they will begin to expire quickly if exposed to light. Jessica said: “Do not store [potatoes] in the sunlight! It’s going to turn the skin green due to chlorophyll and develop toxins called solanine which is not good to eat.”

Jessica added that potatoes should also “avoid hot and humid areas” such as near a kitchen oven or appliances as they will begin sprouting. 

Exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture or sunlight will cause potatoes to begin to spoil and wrinkle. They also need to be well-ventilated – so avoid placing them in an airtight container. 

Instead, Jessica said potatoes will last longer in a dry and dark place, such as in an open basket in a cupboard. 

It should be noted that potatoes should be stored separately from your other vegetables, such as onions, even though traditionally these ingredients often appear in the same dishes. Any root vegetables contain lots of moisture and also naturally produce ethylene gas, which will speed up ripening.

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Potatoes stored in cool, dark and air-conditioned locations will likely last months. If you are worried your potatoes have expired check to see if they have soft spots, or appear wrinkled or shrivelled. 

In Jessica’s video comment section, many people thanked her for her helpful food storage advice. 

One user said: “This was a great tip, it really worked for me!” while another person wrote: “Thanks, you just settled a debate for me and my friends.” 

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