Gordon Ramsay shares his recipe for bacon jam toast

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Gordon Ramsay is a chef with a huge international following who is particularly popular in the US after his infamous Kitchen Nightmares TV program. He has gone viral on TikTok with his bacon jam recipe, which he put on toast and topped off with scrambled eggs.

The Scottish chef’s latest breakfast treat has been a hit online, and even celebrities such as musician Lizzo and chef Newton Nguyen have tried out the new recipe.

Gordon Ramsay said on TikTok he had a new recipe and told his followers: “Ready to change your toast game this week? My bacon jam toast recipe will do the trick.”

In order to make the bacon jam, you will, of course, need bacon, a small yellow onion, three shallots, brown sugar, maple syrup and even some more unusual ingredients, such as freshly brewers coffee, apple cider vinegar, and red pepper flakes.

He began the Tiktok video by slicing up some sourdough break, and then added a slab of butter to a pan. He then steeped the bread in the butter in the frying pan.

In a separate pan, the Hells Kitchen chef began to fry bacon, onions and shallots. In order for the ingredients to caramelise, Gordon Ramsay added brown sugar, maple syrup, red pepper flakes and coffee which he then simmered together.

He then spread the bacon jam onto the sourdough toast and topped it off with some soft scrambled eggs, chives, and salt. Full instructions on the measurements and timings of the recipe can be found on Gordon Ramsay’s website, which also includes a tasty scrambled egg recipe.

The tasty breakfast treat has gone viral on Tiktok, with the video receiving over three million likes and over a hundred thousand shares. Celebrity Lizzo even made a video of herself making the jammy breakfast , and said it was “so good”.

Chef Newton Nguyen, who commonly goes by ‘Newt’, even tried out the recipe and said it was good despite running out of maple syrup to put in the jam. On his video, Newt wrote in the caption: “The sensation I felt after having this for supper was absolutely exquisite”.

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the sensation i felt after having this for supper was absolutely exquisite ������

♬ Bacon Jam Toast – Gordon Ramsay

The recipe has quickly become a trend on Tiktok with many people filming themselves trying out the unusual recipe. In the comments, people raved about the breakfast, and one person wrote: “I made this for my husband for his breakfast birthday, it was a huge hit!”

Another commentator said: “I made this last Sunday and now my daughter begs me to make it every day.” Someone else said: “I tried this and loved it, [Gordon Ramsay] never stops amazing me with his dishes.”

Some of the comments were shocked at putting coffee and brown sugar mixed in with bacon, but the majority of the comments were positive, and people replied to the surprised breakfast connoisseurs that the unusual ingredients went well with the recipe.

People also joked that the recipe was so good that the person who created should consider becoming a chef full time. One person wrote: “Wow this looks delicious, you should think about becoming a millionaire chef” while another person said: “You’re really good at cooking, maybe you should think about opening a restaurant.”

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