The summer holidays are approaching and it’s always good to have some activities stored up for rainy days.

With that in mind, this new kit from Cadbury looks like it could be fun to try out.

The Dairy Milk and Oreo train kit includes everything you need to make your own chocolate scene.

Each box, which costs £10 from Cadbury Gifts Direct, contains Dairy Milk bars, Cadbury White Giant Buttons and Oreo original biscuits, plus the instructions on how to put it together are on the gift box.

The train is made up of a cab created from the Dairy Milk bars, four Oreos sandwiched together at the front, eight Buttons stacked to make a chimney and then four Button wheels at the front, and four bigger wheels created by sticking a button on top of an Oreo at the back.

An Oreo and Button cut in half and stuck on top of the cab finish the creation.

The team at Cadbury also add Curly Wurly bars as tracks, but sadly those aren’t included in the kit.

The description says: ‘A deliciously fun gift to make your own Cadbury Dairy Milk and Oreo Train Set. A novelty train shaped gift box which includes all the chocolate and biscuit components to construct your train.’

If you don’t want to give it as a gift though, it will probably work out cheaper to buy all the ingredients in the supermarket yourself and use the instructions in the box images.

You need two 95g Dairy Milk bars, one pack of Oreos and one pack of White Giant Buttons, which all cost around £1, making the total for the ingredients around £5.

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