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From sourdough to banana bread, there have been a lot of winter baking crazes over the past couple of years. And while both of those recipes are definitely delicious enough to revisit time and again, we’re always excited for a new baking project. So when Martha Stewart shared that her family loves making bowl bread – not bread bowls, but bowl bread – we were intrigued. If Stewart says it’s worth baking, we knew we had to try it.


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According to Stewart, the recipe comes from Alexanda Cooks on Instagram. It’s a simple no-knead peasant bread recipe that doesn’t require a lot of fussy technique, and it can be ready to eat in three hours, start to finish, from whenever your bread craving strikes.

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The most important part of the recipe is the cookware. You’ll need two glass Pyrex bowls. The bowls are buttered, and the bread dough, which is very wet and sticky, will both rise and be baked in the glass bowls. As the bread cooks in the bowls in the oven, it rises still more, getting a round, domed top, and when the cooked bread is removed from the bowl, it’s almost totally round. Maybe it should be called ball bread instead of bowl bread.

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Another key? Make sure you slice the bread with a proper bread knife, so that it doesn’t get squished. The squishiness of this peasant bread is one of the best things about it, and you want to make sure it stays fluffy and ready to soak up soups, stews, sauces, gravy, butter, or whatever else you decide to serve it with.

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The result, according to the recipe author, is bread that’s “golden and crisp,” as well as “spongy and moist with a most-delectable buttery crust.” It’s not artisan, but it’s delicious, easy, and can be made in time for dinner. And hey, Martha Stewart herself says it’s worth a try, and it doesn’t get more compelling than that.

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