Is it just us or is butter having… a moment?

Of course, we’re aware how ridiculous that sounds, as there’s no denying its enormous history – it’s quite literally been around since 8000 B.C – but we seem to be falling in love with the everyday ingredient all over again. 

We’ve smeared it on bread, enjoyed it soaked into crumpets, added it to curries and stews to make them richer for as long as we can remember, but we’ve now developed a newfound appreciation for the humble dairy product.

Perhaps we were simply complacent before?

Our TikTok feeds are saturated with butter boards, while over on Instagram Thomas Straker has an entire account dedicated to his different butter recipes.

The viral chef is giving the people what they want too, as many are now putting the time and effort in to make their own butter at home – especially considering that a tub of Lurpak will currently set you back around £7.

Along with baggy dad jeans and the ‘whimsigoth’ trend, butter is penetrating the 2022 zeitgeist.

As an ode to our renewed love for the dairy product, we’ve pulled together some of London’s best butter dishes – the edible variety, not the crockery.

Here are some of the best in the capital.

‘Marmite’ butter, served with Dusty Knuckle sourdough and pecorino, Acme Fire Cult

Don’t let the simplicity of this one put you off ordering, it will be a crowd-pleasing dish for the table and is one of Acme Fire Cult’s signature plates. Cheese, marmite and butter on toast – even those not fussed about marmite won’t be able to refuse.

Cantabrian Anchovies on Toast with Butter, Bottle & Rye

Butter and toast is a match made in culinary heaven, but throw some anchovies into the mix and you’ve got an extra special salty, melt-in-the mouth offering. This dish from Bottle & Rye will transport you to the streets of Spain all year round.

Butter tarts, Trivet

Loved throughout Canada, ‘butter tarts’ are a firm favourite of Trivet’s head chef Jonny Lake. Known for its caramel-like middle, this tart is made with flaky, butter pastry and dried fruit – and this version also features Canadian maple.

Garlic and Coriander Kulcha, Kricket

This buttery leavened flatbread goes with just about anything on the Kricket menu. Tear it to pieces and mop up every inch of a plate. Pair it with beef keema or the tandoori paneer – you won’t regret it.

Hummus with burnt butter, Bubala

Treat your tastebuds with this elevated hummus from Bubala, made with burnt butter for added richness. 

It’s made up of burnt urfa chilli butter which is whipped and then topped with crispy chickpeas. The best way to start your meal.

Cod’s head with sriracha butter sauce, Fallow

There’s a reason this is one of Fallow’s signature dishes, a spicy yet smooth starter that will make you a cod’s head convert.

Medjool date butter 

Turkish-Cypriot Shoreditch spot, Oklava have switched up traditional bread and butter by blending the dairy product with Medjool dates, for a morish caramel-like twist.

If your tastes are beyond even Lurpak, try these great butter:

Abenethy Butter

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