Usually, influencer and bodybuilder MattDoesFitness creates videos where he takes on intensive physical challenges or experiments with different diets. In his latest video, however, he keeps things simpler, and breaks down what he tends to eat on an average day in order to help maintain his 207-pound weight and lean, ripped physique. While he isn’t meticulous when it comes to tracking calories, he explains that he aims for a ballpark of 200 grams of protein each day.

Matt begins the video with a disclaimer that he personally tends not to feel very hungry in the morning, and so he saves the majority of his calories for later on, and starts most days with a breakfast of a protein bar and a shake, consisting of a total of 40 grams of protein. “Rule number one of cutting is if you’re not hungry, obviously don’t eat,” he says.

After a morning squat workout, Matt has a much heartier lunch: a four-egg omelet with tomatoes and mushrooms, a serving of chicken breast, granary toast, and a Diet Coke, totaling approximately 843 calories and 74 grams of protein.

Following an afternoon walk (he tries to average around 7,000 steps per day), Matt stops for an afternoon snack: another protein bar and an iced coffee. “That’s pretty minimal calories, but when you’re starting to wane a little bit, it’s a way to make the diet feel a bit easier,” he says.

The final meal of the day is a poké bowl with salmon, rice and vegetables, comprising 883 calories and 47 grams of protein. He follows this up with a banana and an apple, and then a protein shake before bed, bringing his total intake to 2,648 calories and 213 grams of protein—just a little over his daily goal.

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