SO IT seems like you were probably using your dishwasher wrong this whole time.

But that's ok, here's how to get your dishes looking sparkling clean without buying any more detergents and cleaning agents.

Carolina McCauley, who shares amazing home hacks on her social media, shared that you should add a few drops of vinegar the next time you run the dishwasher.

She said in her video: "Did you know that you can use vinegar as a rinse aid for your dishwasher and your dishes will actually be cleaner?"

She also claimed that it can help clean the dishwasher itself.

However, if you're going to try this hack, be careful about not using too much as it can weaken the seals in your machine, causing leaks.

Before this vinegar hack became viral, people were putting lemons in their dishwashers to get their dishes squeaky clean.

A lifestyle blogger revealed in a video she puts used and seedless lemons in her dishwasher.

She claimed that the citric acid removes limescale and deodorizes the dishwasher.

It allegedly also leaves your dishes sparkling.

However, after her video went viral, many repair people took to the comment section to shut down the claims.

One dishwasher repairman quickly wrote: "Never use anything lemon in your dishwasher! It will destroy the rubber."

This will then cause your dishwasher to leak mid-cycle and repairing it can cost hundreds.

Another repair person claimed that if someone uses a lemon with seeds, the seeds will then clog the heating element, which is the fan-like structure at the bottom of the dishwasher.

A third one revealed that if you're washing glasses in the dishwasher at the same time you use the lemon, it can cause cloudiness and etches the glass.

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