TURNING into the new year, it's about that time to start packing up your Christmas tree and other holiday decorations.

Losing delicate ornaments to the packing process can be frustrating and costly, but one TikToker shared her cheap and easy hack for keeping everything intact.

Jessica Buwick shared her method hack to store ornaments without suffering any losses.

"First, you're going to need a roll of cheap mattress foam," she said in her video.

This can be found at Amazon, Target, Walmart.

"I like to lay it down and cut around the container I'm using to get the exact size."

With her first piece of foam, she stuffed the bottom of a clear storage container.

"You'll want to keep the smooth side facing the bottom of the container so the groves are up, so the ornaments can lay nicely on top.

"I like to position my ornaments pretty close together, these aren't glass."

After filing the container up with ornaments, she repeated the process with more foam pieces to continue stacking her decorations.

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"For an extra layer of protection, you can add more layers of foam around the perimeter of the container. But this might be helpful for ornaments that move around."

Once her entire bin was full, she placed a final piece of foam at the top and closed it up.

Following her sharing her hack, many applauded her for how easy and cheap it was to recreate at home.

But now that you've got the Christmas decorations handled, how do you store your lights?

The trick, which was shared on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, involves nothing but an empty tube of Pringles.

“Taped the end of the lights to one end.

''Wrapped the lights around as I took the lights off the tree.''

According to this crafty Christmas fan, she then simply taped the other end on.

''Works perfectly.”

The post has since seen over 2,000 likes and has inspired many group members to share their holiday tricks, some including an empty foil tube, a coat hanger and even a rolled-up newspaper.

Hundreds of Facebook users have also commented on the tip, with one joking: ''That's a good reason to go buy Pringles.''

Another wrote: ''Pringles tubes are fab, I make a small hole in the lid to insert the plug.”

''Put the plug inside the tube stops it getting caught up, '' read another suggestion.

''I use a coat hanger but this is a much better idea,'' is how someone else felt about the newly learned Pringles hack.

The same trick was also uploaded on TikTok by the ''full-time YouTuber'', @clairescraftycorner.

Her video was viewed by more than 200 thousand people, with one, unfortunately, finding the trick a little too late.

''I should have watched this 1 hour ago!''

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''I’ve done this for years, makes it so much easier next year!!!'' said a user who approves of the tip.

''is it really a hack if it's just common sense?…,'' a critical viewer was wondering.

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