THERE is nothing worse than putting on a pair of tights and finding a snag or tear, especially after you have taken the time to put a great outfit together.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, tights seem to rip but it's even worse if you have long nails. 

A fashion fan has shared her easy method for putting on tights so they will never tear again. 

Hannah Harmelin learnt her method and she shared it in a video online. 

She said: “Growing up my mum always had the best fashion hacks and this one she taught me staying with me forever

She continued: “You know when you're wearing tights and you're pulling them up and they get a run in them. That is the worst feeling ever.”

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Hannah said: “Your tights are ruined and now you have holes in your tights from your nails or from pulling them up and stretching them out.”

She said: “Instead of grabbing your tights and pulling them with your nails, here is what you're gonna do.”

Hannah says the secret is using wet hands and to avoid using your nails. 

She said: “Wet your hands in the sink, get the palms of your hands wet. With your wet hands you take them [the tights] and you pull them up your leg.”

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She continued: “Get more water and do the other leg and just pull them with flat hands. The tights will stick to your wet hands.” 

Hannah said: “This way we are pulling our tights up without digging our nails into them and we get no holes in our tights.”

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Hannah's video gained over 602,000 views. 

Many viewers said they were very grateful for the tip. 

One commenter said: “Sweaty hands for the win.”

Another commenter said: “Incredible tip thank you!!!!”

Some users said they already knew this hack and we’re surprised other people didn't know it. 

One commenter said: "My mom taught me this same trick.”

Another commenter said: “Wait, people didn’t know this?”

Hannah vowed to start a series of all the usual fashion hacks her mother had taught her.

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