OVER the years, protein treatments have become an increasingly popular part of our haircare routine.

With countless different products on the market and at the salons, it's easy to feel like you need to grab every single one of them, but, according to a TikTok beauty guru, going overboard can actually cause more harm than good.

Like many, Suman, who wanted to improve her hair, stumbled upon a number of viral treatments that she felt obliged to purchase – however, over time, she began to notice her locks looking worse.

After doing some research, the 23-year-old quickly realised she had been using far too much of protein-dense haircare products.

One of the first signs, she revealed in a video, was frizz, both with wet and dry hair.


Other symptoms of protein overload include hair that feels dry, brittle and and stiff, with little to no movement.

Suman, who has type 2a/2b waves, also claimed that she began to notice the locks turning into stringy curls with random pieces of fully straight hair inbetween.

In quest for luscious hair, the TikToker, whose tips have amassed more than ten thousand followers, found that the protein-infused treatments, amongst which was the cult-favourite brand, Shea Moisture, left her hair prone to breakage and it had little to no elasticity.

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On top of this, Suman also said that dark locks began to fall out far more than usual.

To those who struggle with the same issue, the 23-year-old recommended: ''protein-free products and a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup!

''make sure you use strong protein-free hair masks/conditioners for extra hydration!''

One viewer, who appeared to be tired of spending so much time and effort on hair, joked: ''Why does hair care have to be so complicated.

''we should have evolved to be bald so we wouldn’t have to worry about it.''

''* stares at $40 receipt from Sally’s * …. I GIVE UP,'' a second agreed.

''Uhhhhh I think my hairs been in protein overload the past 2 years,'' another added.

A professional, who had watched the video, shared her thoughts: ''hair stylist here, your hair can’t hold protein that its not using.

''at least proper and good hair protein, maybe look at what proteins are being used or what other ingredients may actually be causing your hair to react as such.''

Someone else shared their recommendation: ''This is my hair, I’ve used a clarifying shampoo and just started using a serum and noticed so much of a difference.''

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