YOU’LL need to have your eyes peeled in order to spot the three difference in these cartoons in 10 seconds or less.

The cartoons show a young boy crouching down to get a drink of water pouring out of pipe jutting out of a rock.

The youngster, wearing a red hat and carrying a rucksack, his cupping his hands so he can get a refreshing drink.

A first glance they appear to be identical but you’ll need to be eagle-eyed to be able to spot the subtle differences in the two drawings.

If you think you can beat the clock and get all three in just 10 seconds why not give it a go?

Remember, you’re allowed just 10 seconds – and no cheating.

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If you managed it, congratulations, you have a keen eye.

Many people though, have struggled to get all three so you can find the answers lower down.

If you enjoyed that little brain teaser, see if you’re as good with these other optical illusions.

Are you able to spot the five differences in these Tom and Jerry-themed cartoons?

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Others have also had a go at finding them, but many fell short – either finding none, one or just two.

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There are three differences in this cartoon but the hard part is getting them all in just five seconds.

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