IF you’re a dab hand at a brain teaser, you’ll love the idea of challenging yourself.

But if you feel you’ve exhausted all of the optical illusions out there, we’ve got something else to get your mind working. 

Following on from the trends of being able to spot a hidden image in a set time limit comes a tricky ‘spot the difference’ puzzle. 

And it’s not an easy task, as the differences are so tiny that many need a magnifying glass to find them. 

In the first under the sea themed image, quizzers will be able to see a variety of animals on a dark blue background.

These include everything from octopuses and whales to crabs and starfish in bright colours like orange and pink.

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And in the picture you’ll be comparing it to, it’s much the same and, at first glance, could look to be exactly the same. 

However, when you look closer, you’ll notice that some things have changed slightly. 

So can you see the three differences between the images? 

The spot the difference game gives players just eight seconds or less to point them out – or lose out.

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And if you’re struggling to see them, we’re here to give you a helping hand. 

For the first difference, focus on the top left hand corner – specifically on one of the whale’s key features. 

The second clue is to focus your attention on one of the brightly coloured octopuses.

While the third and final clue is to check that the colours of the starfish match up.

This comes after Brits were challenged to find the hidden pictures in a Coronation-inspired seek and find puzzle.

The game, released by HR software provider Ciphr, asked brain teaser lovers to find the Coronation Crown Jewels, sovereign’s orb and gold sceptre within a Coronation Street party scene.

And for those looking to challenge themselves further, they revealed there were another trio of clues to be hunted – a key, a heart and a butterfly. 

But only the most eagle-eyed Royalists were able to identify the six images and solve the teaser in under 30 seconds. 

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