IF you spot an X-rated image while looking at this optical illusion you probably have a very filthy mind.

Those who have been able to see the "dirty" image within three seconds have an especially naughty way of thinking.

Optical illusions have long been used to trick people's brains – and this one may certainly make you think you are seeing something you are not.

The image shows the awkward moment two girls decided to snap a picture in front of a mirror while their friend stood behind them.

A body part created a rather unfortunate shape and plenty of viewers were left thinking the same thing.

Can you see the X-rated version of the dubious image in under three seconds?

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You have super-vision if you can see hidden optical illusion effect

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Or is your mind out of the gutter and you can see the truth behind the picture?

The unfortunate camera angle makes it look like the woman on the right's arm that is holding up the camera is actually her friend's bare bum.

The innocent snap was turned into a cheeky picture as it was taken at the wrong moment.

If you fancy a further vision challenge, you need the eyes of a hawk to see the flat tyre in this puzzle.

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The truth behind the science experiment could blow your mind.

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