BRAIN teaser fans have been left baffled by this mind-bending optical illusion.

Puzzlers have been challenged to count how many triangles are hidden in the picture – but it's harder than you think.

Triangles of all different shapes are concealed within the parallel lines.

But most people find it tricky to pick out all of them.

If you are able to it could indicate you have a top IQ.

Can you work out how many triangles there are?

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If you're struggling, note each set of three lines is parallel to the other.

Splitting the picture in half horizontally, it is mirrored – meaning there is the same number of triangles in the top half as in the bottom.

To make it easier, puzzlers can count one set and double it to find the answer.

With 11 in each half, there is a total of 22 triangles within the picture.

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