READERS might be able to boast that they have 20/20 vision if they can spot the nail file among the bottles of polish.

Eyes have been darting across this mind-boggling illusion as viewers have been challenged to find the accessory within 10 seconds.

But, the puzzle is not as simple as the tool has been concealed among beauty products.

It has been hidden among a sea of nail polishes that are different shades of pink.

The illusion’s creators Capital Hair and Beauty have claimed that it takes 51 seconds, on average, to find the nail file.

Can you shatter that record and spot the nail file within 10 seconds?

Viewers that are struggling should scan the puzzle and notice that the nail file is poking out.

If that brain teaser was a walk in the park, readers can test their eyesight by trying to see if they can find the lion stalking the elk in this mountain scene.

Viewers face a race against time to find the beast, which has been concealed in the picture, within 30 seconds.

Readers might be able to say they’ve got the eyes of a hawk if they can spot the cat among a sea of puppies in less than 22 seconds

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Can you spot the fox that’s been concealed among the bundle of leaves in this fall scene?  

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