PUZZLE lovers' eyes have been darting as they try to find the misplaced items in this busy airport scene.

Viewers have been challenged to find all seven travel essentials within 35 seconds.

The artwork, created by Airport Parking and Hotels, depicts travelers walking in an airport terminal.

Travelers are seen pulling their suitcases, while others are standing by their boarding gates.

The airport terminal is cluttered with random items on seats and the floor such as hats, books, open cases, and passports.

Readers have to find several items if they want to complete the puzzle.

These include an over-packed suitcase, a teddy bear, a passport, a hat, sunglasses, magazines, and coffee.

Viewers might be able to say they have 20/20 vision if they manage to find all the items.

The puzzle’s creators have said it takes around a minute on average to find all seven.

Only one in five can spot all the items in less than 35 seconds. See if you can beat the clock.

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Those that are struggling should break down the picture into rows.

Viewers should be able to spot items such as the passport on the floor and the shades hiding behind the plant.

Their eyes should also be drawn to the overflowing suitcase and the sombrero on the seat.

If that puzzle was a piece of cake, test yourself and see if you can spot the dog hiding among the pandas.

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