ONLY the keen-eyed among you will be able to spot the lions in the safari park in ten seconds.

If you manage this tricky task then it means you have 20/20 vision and very good optical skills.

When the camera zooms in your time is up, however, and the answer is presented in front of you.

As this beautiful pride of lions emerges, their location becomes quite clear.

But these guys are well camouflaged and very difficult to spot initially.

The task comes from TikToker Simple Living (@livesimplyinthisworld).

Her platform remit is: “Believe in kindness, love, and hope."

She also has one other element: "I also believe in positivity.”

This is just as well because you will need to feel upbeat to spot this group of big cats.

They blend so well into their background, just as nature intended them to.

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Not so great if you are on a visit to the safari park and begging to see them.

But as the clock watch stops, the camera suddenly zooms in and the creatures are suddenly in full view.

Don't be too hard on yourself if you didn't beat the deadline.

The way that different people approach solving brainteasers, optical illusions, and other problems can reveal a lot about their thought processes and personalities.

You will not be on your own if you found it almost impossible to see the lions in under ten seconds.

If you need a clue, take a close look at the rocks to the right of the image.

Otherwise, skip to the photo below where we have circled the lions in red.

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