A TIKTOKER has posted a mind-boggling search for a cat in a vision test video.

The optical exercise showed the cat far off into the corner of the bedroom.

The content creator, who goes by the username @__saltslvt, showed a bedroom in a video posted to TikTok.

"Spot the cat," the text read. "Level one."

The camera zoomed into a nook of the room, showing the feline sleeping peacefully.

"Winner," more text read after revealing the location of the cat.

The video drew in many viewers who were determined to solve the puzzle.

"Found him," one wrote. "It was easy."

"For level one, it best be," the TikToker replied.

"Yeah got 'em last second," another chimed in.

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"No it’s level 50," a third commented. "I couldn’t even see it until you showed me where it was."

"When I took the video I thought, 'this is silly, she’s so obvious.' Glad it wasn't a complete flop then," the TikToker wrote back. "Thanks for playing."

"Man owning cats gives you super sight to find them," yet another wrote.

"And super hearing; gotta catch them and throw them on the tile when you hear the telltale 'hairball vomit comet incoming,'" yet another said.

"Got it," one more wrote.

The video came as part of a trend where content creators share a complicated puzzle in which you have to locate a specific object within a cluttered space.

If you're still having trouble locating the furry friend, it can be found taking a cat nap on one of the desk shelves.

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