BRAIN TEASER lovers have been challenged to spot the fish hidden within the underwater scene.

Those in the top 5% of people with the highest IQ will be able to spot him in the image with no added help – so can you?

According to the creators (JagranJosh) of the fun challenge only 5% of people will find the fish, and if you do, it's good news, as it's supposedly a sign you have a high IQ level.

The colourful image depicts an underwater scene filled with different sea creatures including a turtle, octopus, starfish, seahorse and crab.

Due to the fact that all the animals are large and bold, you'd imagine that the fish would be easy to spot – but people are struggling.

Along the bottom of the of the ocean is also lots of colourful shells and different reefs to distract you from finding the hidden fish.


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So, have you found it?

Keep trying, and don't scroll down yet if you don't want a clue as one is coming up.

If you are still struggling to spot the fish, then focus on the bottom right hand corner of the image.

Did you find it?

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If not, take a closer look at the seaweed in the corner.

The fish is hidden in the seaweed in the bottom right hand side of the image.

If you didn't need any help to spot it then congratulations! you could have a super high IQ.

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