Yes, Clogs Have Returned

To say I was headstrong and stubborn as a child, especially when it came to what I wore, would be an understatement. My closet was full of chic items I wish I still had today — embroidered cardigans, puff-sleeve dresses, plaid kilts, thick wool tights, etc. — but my family knew that I was not to be told how to style any of it. I would put together a print-mixing ensemble all on my own, thankyouverymuch.

Now, working in fashion, I still daydream about all the looks I could create with those same pieces in 2021, especially as many trends from my '90s youth return. But, there's one old wardrobe mainstay I hadn't thought about until recently: Clogs, a shoe that was also a favorite of my mother's in the '70s. They seem to be coming back for yet another round.

For me, clogs are super nostalgic. As a child, I loved the weight they had to them; how they clipped and clopped when I walked down the streets of New York. That elevated wood platform made me feel grown-up…without, of course, looking like I was actually wearing heels. My own versions were closed-toe and open-back, in a variety of bright leather colors that were painted with a Dutch floral pattern on the bridge.

Still, despite my fond memories, I never in my wildest dreams expected that clogs would re-enter the sartorial lexicon, taking yet another trip around the sun. But, thanks to designers, they certainly have.

For instance, both Celine and Hermès created classic clogs for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 respectively, with low-profile, mule designs that included that signature wood platform sole. Crafted of brown, black, tan, and ivory leather, it's safe to say you can style these shoes with any flared jean and mini skirt you choose.

Clogs are also percolating on the streets, being spotted at various Fashion Weeks, and with Instagram influencers already taking to the trend, it's bound to hit the celebrity set in no time.

Personally, I'm willing to give this throwback shoe another go. I know I'll appreciate chunky wooden clogs even more as an adult, and there are tons of great options to shop right now. Take a look at a few standout pairs I'm particularly loving, below.

Woolfield LTD Swedish Clogs


Shop now: $45;

Urban Outfitters Swedish Clog


Shop now: $59;

Steve Madden Brooklyn Clog


Shop now: $100;

Swedish Hasbeens Swedish Husband


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Loeffler Randall Maxine Chestnut Clog


Shop now: $395;

Ancient Greek Sandals Greco Closed Clogs


Shop now: $515;

Fabrizio Viti Jean Daisy Clogs


Shop now: $590;

Celine Les Bois Celine Clog in Calfskin


Shop now: $902;

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